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Piers Cruickshanks and Siseko Ntondini are the inspiration behind a local film production capturing their love of canoeing.

Beyond the River follows the duo’s journey, as they set out to win gold at the 2014 Dusi Canoe Marathon.

The film will officially open in cinemas next week.

Director Craig Freimond says the movie is about friendship, connection and the attempt to try and grapple with individual differences.

Lemogang Tsipa and Grant Swanby are the lead actors.

The film will be released in cinemas on 28 April.

“The story came to us from the canoeist themselves who teamed up an older white guy and a younger very talented black guy from very different worlds.

“Having been through quite a transformational experience in their own lives, because there is no better metaphor for trying to head in one direction than a boat….so your ability to power the boat and harness your energy is really about how well you get to know each other.”

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