beyond the river


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Beyond the River opened in cinemas nationwide on 27 April 2017.
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Two men from vastly different walks of life have one thing in common: to win gold in the most arduous canoe marathon.

But there are a few things in their way. One has a marriage on the verge of collapse. The other is on the run from the law, and his so-called life. Then there’s the minor detail of them never before having competed as a team…

Somewhere along the river of their lives, there’s a confluence that changes both of them - forever.

Inspired by the true story of paddlers Siseko Ntondini and Piers Cruickshanks, Beyond the River will take you on a nail-biting adventure through the hillls and valleys of their lives.

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Beyond the River releases in cinemas on 27 April 2017.
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The true story behind the movie
written by Piers Cruickshanks